Episode 56 - The Case for Tanking

The Packers beat the Bears. Does that change anything? With Aaron Jones out for up to six weeks, how does the offense change? And is there a case for tanking the season?

Here are the headlines we talked about this week on Blue 58:

Winning Ugly is Still Winning

The Packers took care of the Bears, albeit in not-so-glamorous fashion. That's fine!

Aaron Jones Out 3-6 Weeks With Sprained MCL

How does the loss of the rookie running back affect the Packers' backfield?

Brett Goode is Back

Yay for Brett Goode!

Main Topic - The Case for Tanking

Yes, the Packers won on Sunday, but they're still on the outside of the playoffs looking in. That's why it may not be the worst thing in the world to avoid winning too many games.


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