The Power Sweep's Essential 2017 Season Preview

The Packers' season opener is fast approaching! Here's everything we've written in preparation for the 2017 season.

How Good Do the Packers Need to Be?

This is the essential question. If the Packers want to win another Super Bowl, how good do they need to be? We try to answer that question here.

Setting Expectations on Offense

In order to best evaluate a group of players, you need to define what you expect from them. Here, we do that for the offense.

What Happens if David Bakhtiari Gets Hurt?

This is the $64,000 question right now. With a precarious situation among the backup offensive linemen, an injury to Bakhtiari (or any other starter) could be a death blow.

What to Expect From WR Davante Adams in a Contract Year

On a more positive note, the stage is set for a big year from Davante Adams. We explore what that could mean.

How the Packers Could Use Multiple Tight Ends in 2017

Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks headlined a bumper crop of free agents this offseason, which could lead to more multiple tight end packages from the Packers this year. Here's how that could work.

Setting Expectations on Defense

This is the defensive version of our "setting expectations" series.

What to Expect from Clay Matthews in 2017

It's possible that nobody on the Packers' defense is facing higher expectations than Clay Matthews. We examine exactly what that means

In a Perfect World, Kevin King Will...

The first of the Packers' top two draft picks, cornerback Kevin King also faces some of the highest expectations of any defensive player. Here's a best case scenario for his rookie year.

Josh Jones is in a Position to Succeed

Josh Jones, the other 2017 second round pick, could find success faster than Kevin King. Here's why.

How Third Downs Sunk the Packers Defense

We certainly expect (or maybe hope) that the Packers will be better on third downs this year. Here's how that particular down destroyed the Packers last year.

How Justin Vogel Can Make Packers History

The Packers' special teams are largely unchanged from last year with the exception of rookie punter Justin Vogel. Here's the somewhat strange way he can make history.

One Fact About Every Packers Coach

Setting expectations is a little bit different for coaches, so here's an interesting fact about each of the Packers' coaches instead.

Don't Worry About Aaron Rodgers Starting Slow

Will Aaron Rodgers stumble out of the gate because he didn't play much in the preseason? Probably not, if history is a guide.

Don't Bank on Big Numbers from Ty Montgomery

While we can reasonably expect big numbers from Aaron Rodgers, Ty Montgomery is a different story. We're expecting a solid season from him, but don't expect enormous stats.

TPS Advanced Stats: The Ballhawk Index

Speaking of stats, we're tracking a few of our own this year, starting with the Ballhawk Index. Hopefully, we can get a better idea of who's getting to the ball on the Packers' defense.

TPS Advanced Stats: Run Percentage

We'll also be taking a look at how often a particular player rushes for a particular amount of yards. We think this is a better way of evaluating how a player is running the ball than straight yards per carry.

TPS Advanced Stats: Total Pressures

Finally, we think we can get a better idea of pass rush effectiveness by keeping an eye on multiple kinds of pressures, not just sacks.

Injuries Could Mean Disaster at Outside Linebacker

When it comes to the Packers' pass rushers, they're not especially deep. Injuries could be this unit's undoing.

Three Ways Ahmad Brooks Could Help the Packers

Fortunately, Ahmad Brooks is good at staying healthy.

Ahmad Brooks Could Have Misleading Stats - And That's Fine

Don't evaluate him just on his stats though.

You Don't Have to Root for Ahmad Brooks

Also, it's worth keeping in mind that Brooks has been accused of some pretty awful stuff of the field. You don't have to support him just because he's on the Packers.

2 Ways Quinton Dial Helps the Packers

The Packers' other recently-acquired free agent could be a big presence up front. Here are two quick ways he could help.

Three Theories Explaining Ted Thompson's Free Agent Spree

Ted Thompson was unusually active in free agency this offseason. We try our best to explain it. The truth is out there!

Blue 58 Episode 46 - 2017 Season Predictions

On our most recent episode of Blue 58, we take a look at the 2017 season as a whole and make some bold predictions. Well, bold for us at least.

Preview: Strength Versus Strength as Packers Open Season Against Seahawks

Finally, here is our look at the first game of the season. We're nearly there! Thanks for reading along with us through the offseason. We've got big things in store for 2017.

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