Jeff Janis Might Never Be A Good Receiver. That's Fine

If Jeff Janis never makes it as an NFL receiver, that could be just fine. There's apt historical precedence for his continued presence on the Packers roster.

Through two NFL season, Janis has amassed all of four receptions. His (ultimately futile) heroics in the playoffs notwithstanding, Janis has thus far not turned his immense athletic potential into production as a wide receiver.

Janis can have a very successful NFL career even if he doesn’t develop into a competent pass catcher.

That is fine.

Janis can have a very successful NFL career even if he doesn't develop into a competent pass catcher, and here's how.

Consider the story of Kassim Osgood.

For those of you unfamiliar with Osgood's career, here's a quick recap: Osgood played twelve NFL seasons for four teams and only caught 45 passes, yet he made the Pro Bowl three times. Why? He was a special teams dynamo.

Osgood was voted to the Pro Bowl in 2006, 2007, and 2009 solely on the basis of his work as a special teams player, and not because he was a dynamic return man. Osgood was a terrific gunner on the punt teams and also covered kickoffs, recording twelve tackles in 2007 alone.

Janis, meanwhile, notched 15 special teams tackles last year.

It may not be what Janis fans want to hear, but if he's going to stick around for this year and  beyond, it might have to be as a special teamer. We know he can do it. The only question will be if the Packers value that skill enough to keep him around.

Of course, he could also develop into the Pro Bowl receiver that certain corners of the Packers internet already believe him to be, but that's a work in progress.