New Features From The Power Sweep

We're always excited to bring you the best coverage we can provide at The Power Sweep, and this week we're proud to announce two new features that should make your experience as a reader and as a listener even better.

First, our advanced stats database is now live and accessible from the main menu on the home page. We've previously detailed the three new stats we're going to be tracking this season, and now those stats are available for your perusal on their own special page. Check it out!

Second, we've made a change to the distribution and hosting of our podcast. You may have noticed a new player on the blog post for last week's show. That player is a result of our new hosting arrangement with Libsyn, which has agreed to host our podcast in exchange for us paying them to host our podcast.

If you get the podcast via iTunes, you shouldn't have to do anything to continue to have new episodes of Blue 58 beamed directly to your phone via the magic of wifi. However, due to restrictions in our hosting agreement, past episodes won't be available right away. But don't fear! Every previous episode of Blue 58 is available right here and always will be.

If you listen to Blue 58 via a service other than iTunes, we're working to get those feeds updated as quickly as we can and they'll be active soon.

Finally, if you subscribe to Blue 58 via RSS feed, the address for the new Libsyn feed is

Thanks to all of you for making The Power Sweep and Blue 58 rewarding to write, produce, and host. Gary and I appreciate it very much.

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