Packers Draft Preview: Florida CB Teez Tabor

Early in the mock draft cycle, the kinds of people who put together mock drafts sent just about every cornerback to the Packers at one point, including Florida’s Jalen “Teez” Tabor.

While a talented cover man, there are plenty of concerns about Tabor’s overall skill set, which may push him out of the first round entirely.

Still, he’s been a successful player in college football’s most competitive conference, and he at least merits a look.

What are Tabor’s strengths?

  • Good size and athleticism
  • Undeniably successful in college: Freshman All-American, All-SEC multiple times, third team All-American
  • Comfortably plays both zone and man
  • Great ball skills

What are Tabor’s weaknesses?

  • Lacks deep speed and tested very badly in the 40-yard dash at both the Combine and Florida’s pro day
  • Multiple suspensions during Florida career for drugs and team rules violations
  • May be a penalty magnet in the NFL due to physicality
  • Not a great tackler

How does Teez Tabor fit with the Packers?

As a player, Tabor would seem to fit just fine in Green Bay. His size and overall athleticism do seem to fit the Packers’ profile to an extent, even if his overall speed is not great. Schematically, he also seems to fit in, capably performing duties in both man and zone.

Tabor’s bigger fit issues may be off the field. He’s very outspoken and has found himself in hot water more than once for a variety of issues, though nothing approaching the level of Joe Mixon. Still, the Packers would likely be wary of someone with his personality coming into the locker room.

Will the Packers draft Teez Tabor?

As badly as the Packers may need help in the secondary, the Packers already have more than a few corners with speed concerns. Even though his overall game is great, there are other corners with similar skills and fewer concerns about speed and off the field issues. Green Bay will likely pass on Tabor, at least early on.