Packers Draft Preview: TE O.J. Howard

It’s said to be a very deep draft at tight end, and of all the prospects, O.J. Howard literally and figuratively stands above just about all the rest.

A towering physical presence, Howard is pretty much exactly what Mike McCarthy seems to be talking about when he professes his love for tight ends. But is he a target at 29?

What are Howard’s strengths?

  • Very athletic with prototypical size
  • Productive despite not seeing many passes in college
  • Versatile and can line up anywhere
  • Good downfield blocker

What are Howard’s weaknesses?

  • Not a great traditional blocker

  • Questions about intangibles on field

How does O.J. Howard fit with the Packers?

In a vacuum, Howard would seem like close to a perfect fit. Mike McCarthy loves tight ends, and Howard is close to the Platonic ideal. Big, fast, strong, and a great pass catcher, Howard could be a dynamic weapon with the Packers.

Will the Packers draft O.J. Howard?

The Packers will almost certainly not draft Howard early, and if they don’t get him in the first round, they probably won’t get him at all.

Signing Martellus Bennett in the March pretty much ruled tight end out as an early pick for the Packers, and while it would not be surprising at all to see them pursue tight ends late or via free agency after the draft, picking one early would not seem to be a good allocation of resources.