Packers Draft Preview: DB Marlon Humphrey

A great size and speed combo from a premier program, Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey ticks all the boxes for a prototypical NFL cornerback prospects.

Yet questions remain about his performance at the next level, and as a result, the Humphrey’s projected draft slot varies wildly. Some see him as a high first round pick, while others don’t believe he’ll be taken in the first round at all.

The Packers, meanwhile, do appear to have needs in the secondary, though the extent of those needs is debatable. Could Humphrey be the solution?

What are Humphrey’s strengths?

  • Close to ideal size (6-0, 197) and speed (4.41 40-yard dash)
  • Aggressive in press man coverage
  • Excels in zone coverage
  • Plays well against the run and against screen passes

What are Humphrey’s weaknesses?

  • Not always patient in man coverage
  • When he gets beat, he gets beat big: he allowed more than 19 yards per completion
  • Only played one cornerback spot in college; may be limited in versatility
  • May rely too much on athleticism

How does Humphrey fit with the Packers?

The Packers like size, overall athleticism, and press coverage abilities from cornerback prospects. Humphrey would appear to have all those in spades.

However, the Packers have also shown a tendency to want to grab raw prospects and shape them as they see fit, and Humphrey’s pedigree as an Alabama product may mean he’s been more groomed than they’d like.

Will the Packers draft Marlon Humphrey?

It seems less and less likely that the Packers will be thinking corner if they can’t get one of the ultra-elite prospects at the top end of the class.

Humphrey doesn’t appear to be in that group, outside of his great size and speed. The Packers will probably pass on him early, but if he’s available in the second round, interest could heat up.

Jon Meerdink