Ranking Ted Thompson's Seventh Round Picks

Our draft research indicates that often times, a seventh round pick actually has a lower chance of success than an undrafted free agent.

That’s not always the case, but bear that in mind as you evaluate seventh round picks. Here’s a quick look at every seventh rounder from the Ted Thompson era.

You Found a Lottery Ticket That Turns Out to be Worth $500

  • Jeff Janis - 2014
  • Matt Flynn - 2008

If you only count Janis’ Hail Mary catch in Arizona and Flynn’s incredible comeback in Dallas in 2013, these are still worthwhile selections. Add in the great special teams play from Janis and Flynn’s breathtaking performance against Detroit at the end of the 2011 season and these picks look like steals.

(And yes, I know that Flynn left for Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo before coming back to lead Green Bay to that comeback. It still counts. Don’t @ me.)

Hey Look at That, He Actually Stuck Around

  • Sam Barrington - 2013
  • C.J. Wilson - 2010
  • Brad Jones - 2009

What’s the ceiling for a seventh round pick? A pretty decent role player? At their best, each of these players was better than that, even “Secret Superstar” Brad Jones.

Sure, they had their shortcomings, but also they were seventh round picks.

Perpetual Cameos

  • B.J. Coleman - 2012
  • Ryan Taylor - 2011
  • Lawrence Guy - 2011
  • Brett Swain - 2008
  • DeShawn Wynn - 2007

None of these players ever had starring roles in any significant Packers moments, but you may remember them for some of their less high profile cameos.

For instance, B.J. Coleman had a significant part in Vince Young’s brief career in Green Bay. Ryan Taylor starred in the Packers’ “clone saga.” Lawrence Guy continues to get character work throughout the league. Brett Swain had two passes thrown his way in Super Bowl XLV and made three special teams tackles that day. DeShawn Wynn somehow managed a 73-yard touchdown run.

What Could Have Been

  • Charles Johnson - 2013
  • Kevin Dorsey - 2013
  • Andrew Datko - 2012
  • Dave Tollefson - 2006

Each of these picks had great potential, and some have gone on to do good things with other teams. None worked out in Green Bay for a variety of reasons, ranging from injuries to bad timing.

I’m Sorry, Who?

  • Clark Harris - 2007
  • Kurt Campbell - 2005
  • Will Whitticker - 2005

Whitticker is the only player from this list that I know for sure actually existed, and that’s only because he was part of one of the great personnel problems of recent Packers history. Other than that, I would need more evidence proving that Campbell and Harris are real people.